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February 07, 2020

Avi Weisfogel from The International Academy of Sleep, coming to you with today's message?

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Avi Weisfogel

I get asked this question all the time and I get asked it in different ways. I could get asked in one way, how come your program is so expensive? And then I could get asked the same exact day, the same exact question by another dentist, why is this so cheap?
Now? You could look at things in dentistry any which way you want. Recent data shows that a bare minimum of 35% of practice owners in this country have invested in some sort of expensive technology, whether it's a Serac machine, a CT scan, or any type of $150,000 piece of equipment that has absolutely zero return on investment.

And there is never the question, why is this so expensive? It just doesn't happen. So people and dentists are ready to drop a hundred fifty thousand two hundred thousand dollars on a piece of equipment, which is a toy. Hey, listen, toys are expensive. Sometimes you drop a lot of money on a car because it's fun.

And if that's what everything's about, no problem. But if you're looking to make smart business decisions, how do you look at an investment in yourself and in your business? Think all the way back to dental school. You went to school. Dentists come out today with around $500,000 of debt, and what does that do for them?

There is no hesitation there. I'm going to be a dentist. This is what it costs. $500,000 I'm coming out of school now. What did I get after I graduated? I got a piece of paper. Okay. It says you graduated and the right to take a test to become a dentist. Catch that you're not even a dentist when you graduate.

You have to pass a test and passing your classes gave you the right to take that test. And then you have to go through state licensure. And by the way, that could be taken away at any time. So, $500,000 for that? Was there a thought process going into the beginning that said, Hey, why is it so expensive to go to school?

And then what about the next move buying a dental practice? Is there a piece that says, why is this so expensive? Dentists just do it. I can tell you from personal experience, I didn't think about the cost of dental school. I just paid it. Loans, of course, but I paid it and then the practice came out and I was told what the formula was and that formula, we could go back and forth on that 100,000 times because that formula is ridiculous.

But here's what it costs to buy a dental practice, not why is it so expensive? And yet when it comes to making a decision that honestly should change your entire world because people who are working with International Academy of Sleep, specifically those enrolled in the dental sleep MBA program, who are seeing 20 to 50 appliance patients every single month getting paid $3,000 or more.

And then the question is, why is it so expensive? Or why is it so cheap? Those guys who asked me why it's so cheap, you know what? They're going to do. Succeed. They're going to go out there absolutely dominate their market. There'll be seeing 20 patients or more per month in no time, which should be resulting in 50 to $60,000 of profit every single month.

So what is the cost to get involved with that? Imagine if I had a dental school. You were actually taught real business. You had somebody holding your hand walking through your mistakes. Every time you going to make a decision in the business world, you had somebody who had been through it, who had gone through the ups and downs and say, no, no, not a good move, great move, bad move, good move with no with nothing but your best interest at heart.

Imagine that. Now, that is what International Academy of Sleep is about. We have been through it all in the sleep world. The ups downs, backwards, forwards. We have members who are absolutely dominating. We have members seeing a hundred appliances or more every single month. Now, I'm not telling you it's easy to get there, and I'm not telling you, every member sees that.

I'm telling you every member is successful in their own way. Maybe somebody sees 10 appliances a month, which is more than most people. But what is it that would hold you back from going forward with a program that can absolutely change your life and honestly, the lives of thousands upon thousands of people around you think about it, pop it through and register for an intro course because you got to understand what it takes to get there.

So we don't know that any, any, uh, anything back at our intro courses, we tell you everything we do. Coming into the course, I ask a question, who here wants a business that sees 20 to 50 appliances or more every single month making an average of $3,000 per appliance? And everyone raises their hand. I said, good cause I'm going to spend two and a half days telling you exactly what you need to do to do that.

And then I'm going to ask that same question again. And if your hand is. Still raised well, you're on your way to being a success in dental sleep, which is a rarity in today's industry. Most people go see a couple patients, don't get paid and quit. Not International Academy of Sleep. We are going at it in a completely unique way.

Get yourself over to an intro event as soon as possible. I hope to see you there soon. Have a great day.

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