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How effective is a dental approach to treating sleep apnea?

April 29, 2019

Sleep apnea affects millions of Americans. In fact, this condition is not only common in America but across the globe. The traditional way to treat and manage sleep apnea is through the use of a special machine; CPAP machine. Many sleep apnea patients are uncomfortable using the machine and so they resort to other methods.

Fortunately, some dentists are trained to treat sleep apnea. Their way of treating sleep apnea is unique as they create a special mouth guard and other oral appliance to hold the jaw and tongue in a position where it will not obstruct the airway. Such oral appliances are worn at night. Many patients prefer oral appliance over CPAP because it is not only effective but comfortable and convenient to wear.

Who are the types of dentists who treat sleep apnea?

If you want to try the dentistry approach to sleep apnea, one of the important things you should do is to make sure your dentist has the training and skills needed to treat your condition. Unfortunately, not all dentist are trained to address sleep apnea and other sleep-related conditions. What most of them do is they will refer you back to a sleep specialist.
Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the dentists who have the knowledge, skills, and experience in treating sleep apnea. He has been treating sleep patients ever since he opened his dental practice in New Jersey. He eventually shares the concepts to other dentists, especially those who want to broaden their scope of practice.

Dental Sleep MBA

Dr. Avi Weisfogel created a course called Dental Sleep MBA. It is designed to get dentist and allied staff to speed up on the requirements and leg work needed to maintain a successful dental sleep practice. The course tackles not only the dentistry approach to treating sleep-related issues but also the leg work needed to successfully run a dental sleep practice.

There is a preview event, which is a multi-day training in the entrepreneurial side of dental sleep medicine. You will be able to learn the science of sleep. The entire system used to run a successful dental sleep practice is also covered. Basically, the entire process will be discussed so that you will have a full understanding as to what the business is all about, how you can benefit from it, and eventually gets to decide whether you want to take your dental practice into the next level.